Thursday, March 19, 2009

When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be...

Ignored, or at least given a very low priority.

Fedex used to use the slogan, "when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight". They still ship thousands of packages overnight and many more in a matter of days. They can keep track of all these package's locations with such accuracy that you can check their location 24 hours a day. What they apparently can't do is keep track of who's driving which truck.

FedEx15188 from Bikesafer on Vimeo.

I called on Monday morning shortly after the truck buzzed me to complain, and found out Thursday afternoon that they still have not been able to locate the truck or the driver who was operating the truck. I find that very hard to believe. I've gone further up the corporate ladder, but it may not do any good. I'm told that FedEx ground drivers are independent contractors, not Fedex employees. I'll let you know what I hear from the corporate types.


Anonymous said...

I bet they know, they just do not want to say who it was.

Eliot said...

I saw your Fox 6 piece on the Surly Bike blog and quickly located your blog. Thank you for your work to raise awareness. Keep it up Jeff.

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

They know who was driving the truck. They run their outfit like UPS and that truck has one driver assigned to it always. I have to say I have never been impressed with FED-EX. After working at UPS as Christmas Help I found out a lot more about FED-EX that was not flattering.

Zak said...

Although they are independent contractors, they are required to follow all FedEx rules. They are basically employees but are classified as an independent contractor to save FedEx millions in taxes. I have worked for both FedEx and UPS and UPS blows FedEx away in professionalism

Anonymous said...

I'm curious - what was he supposed to do? It looked like you had a bike lane (and it sorta looked like you weren't in it), and there was oncoming traffic.

Seems he could
a) sit behind you until you were good enough to let him pass (this is a nicety that drivers should observe too, but there is no obligation)
b) veer into oncoming traffic and take out the car full of kids.

Which one makes your life better?

You come on out to Texas sometime - where a bike ride means dodging rednecks trying to hit your shoulder w/ their mirrors while screaming rebel yells and throwing beer cans out the window. Builds character.

Jeri said...

looks like you were riding in the middle of the road, is it only the drivers of vehicles that have to follow rules, be careful?

Jeff said...

He was supposed to wait until he could pass me safely. And yes there is an obligation for him to do that. There was no bike lane, just a rutted shoulder that was ending.
I'm sorry that your area sounds so bad for cyclists, but that doesn't excuse dangerous behavior from drivers here.

I was not riding in the middle of the road, although given the narrow lane width, I legally could and maybe should have been.
The only vehicle who violated the law in this instance is the driver of the Fedex truck. I was following all the applicable traffic laws. If you think otherwise, perhaps you should read or re-read the statutes. They can be found at: