Sunday, June 3, 2012


Would anyone think this pass was safe?  I don't see how?  Not only is this guy passing into the oncoming lane when a car was coming, but a bike was also coming.  When someone makes a pass like this, it really makes me wonder what goes through the mind of the driver.

It seems to me that they could either a) not care about others on the road, or b) they could be so distracted as to be oblivious to others on the road.
If it's the former, I still don't get how self preservation doesn't kick in.  Even if you don't care about killing innocent victims, he could easily kill himself too. Of course it could be the latter because you can see what looks like a bag of chips in his hand as he's making the illegal and dangerous pass.

When I saw him at the next stoplight and tried to ask him these questions his only reply was a middle finger.
I would really like to know what he was thinking.  Maybe if someone knows him they can ask him for me.
His license number was 125TPH.