Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Bearded Litterbug

So I come around a bend and see this guy with a long white beard siting on a bench.

Apparently he was smoking a cigarette because he launched his butt onto the bike path.

I'm not a fan of launching your litter into a public park, so I called him out and told him if he didn't pick it up I'd call the police. On my way back through, he claimed he picked it up but and then proceeded to tell me how it was no big deal and that he's been throwing his cigarette butts on the ground since before I was born.  He seemed to think my calling him out on this was "being and asshole".  His words.  He was part of an organized ride so I told the organizers about his behavior.  Hopefully someone can explain that if anyone was acting like an asshole it would probably be the guy littering up the public park and then bragging about doing it for 50 years.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Another Landscape Trailer!

So riding the same route as the other day when I was buzzed by the landscaping trailer, it happened again, by another similar trailer.  And then again by another pickup truck.
I couldn't get the license number of the white truck, but did have a chat with the driver of the truck.  He assured me that I wasn't the first bicyclist he'd passed.  If true I feel bad for the others before me.  He barely touched the yellow line if at all which means he certainly did not give me anywhere near three feet especially with the trailer.  I'll be calling the company soon and perhaps the police depending on the reception I get from the company.

Monday, June 13, 2016

He Says He's Sorry.

The driver of this truck started screaming at me as soon as I pulled up to him at the red light moments after he buzzed me.  His first words were YOU F*@(ING KNOW YOU HAD 3 FEET AND YOU COULD HAVE MOVED OVER.
I tried to tell him that it's not my responsibility to move over and that he could have waited for one oncoming car to pass us so HE could moved over but he wasn't interested in anything I had to say.

Brookfield Police were contacted and the officer says she contacted the driver and he thought he had given enough room.  She said he apologized to me and she was sure he wouldn't do it again.  I'm not sure he was sincere in his apology given his tone at the red light, but the bigger concern is that the officer told him that what might have alarmed me is the trailer coming close to me at the end of the pass. She seemed under the impression that his truck might not have violated the 3 foot rule, just his trailer.  That is very concerning to me.

The fact is that the lane I was using is likely 11 feet wide, (I'll attempt to confirm that soon), which means since I was on the white line, and my handlebars are 18 inches wide, his mirrors would have to be no less than 3 feet 10 inches, away from the white line to comply with the 3 foot rule since.  If his mirrors are 8 inches from the side of his truck, that would mean the side of his truck would have to be a minimum of 4 1/2 feet away from the white line to be the minimum distance away from me.  That means he would have to vacate at least one third of the lane to be legal.

It appears pretty clear to me that neither his truck or his trailer was at any time that far out of his lane if at all.

I might have to follow up with Brookfield police to make sure they understand what 3 feet actually means when applied to real life situations.

I'll keep you posted

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Oncoming Danger

I've written about it before but since it continues to occur with frightening frequency, I'll continue to show it.

The pass into oncoming traffic.  They move over to give me room, but can't wait 5 or 10 seconds to pass until the oncoming traffic clears.  Sometimes they just barely get over before the oncoming vehicle, sometimes they cause the oncoming driver to slow, stop or dive for the shoulder, but it's ALWAYS dangerous and always unnecessary.

I can't really complain about the other issue on my ride yesterday, snow and ice pellets.  BRRR!!!
But I can deal with the cold, I shouldn't have to deal with the dangerous impatient drivers.

Monday, May 9, 2016

If He Can't See Me in a Truck...

If drivers can't even be troubled to look out for and see other cars and trucks it's no wonder they don't see bikes.  

I don't think this guy even knew I was there.  When I honked the horn and and got next to him, he looked stunned that I was there.  Then after I passed him he cut across all three lanes he just cut across to almost hit me to make a U-turn.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Almost a "Brush" with disaster

So you're hauling a bunch of brush and branches in your truck?  Make sure the debris is not hanging out the side of your truck 3 or 4 feet, or at the very least wait to pass until you can assure that your branches aren't going to hit a cyclist.
Thankfully, the branches just brushed over me and didn't snag on my helmet or jersey or bike and send me flying into the other traffic or under this guys truck.  When I pulled up next to him at the red light he did say he would stop and fix it.  Thanks for that, but how about not driving that way to begin with!