Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Bearded Litterbug

So I come around a bend and see this guy with a long white beard siting on a bench.

Apparently he was smoking a cigarette because he launched his butt onto the bike path.

I'm not a fan of launching your litter into a public park, so I called him out and told him if he didn't pick it up I'd call the police. On my way back through, he claimed he picked it up but and then proceeded to tell me how it was no big deal and that he's been throwing his cigarette butts on the ground since before I was born.  He seemed to think my calling him out on this was "being and asshole".  His words.  He was part of an organized ride so I told the organizers about his behavior.  Hopefully someone can explain that if anyone was acting like an asshole it would probably be the guy littering up the public park and then bragging about doing it for 50 years.