Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Oncoming Danger

I've written about it before but since it continues to occur with frightening frequency, I'll continue to show it.

The pass into oncoming traffic.  They move over to give me room, but can't wait 5 or 10 seconds to pass until the oncoming traffic clears.  Sometimes they just barely get over before the oncoming vehicle, sometimes they cause the oncoming driver to slow, stop or dive for the shoulder, but it's ALWAYS dangerous and always unnecessary.

I can't really complain about the other issue on my ride yesterday, snow and ice pellets.  BRRR!!!
But I can deal with the cold, I shouldn't have to deal with the dangerous impatient drivers.


Dan said...

There was a certain hill on an old route of mine where this would happen almost every trip. Once, it was a sheriff's deputy who passed on a blind curve. I waved him down and yelled at him for a while. I'm sure it didn't help, but it felt good.

I solved the problem by riding farther to the left than my usual 2 feet from the white line. The drivers may have been angered, but it was safer for everyone.

Barriston said...

Hey Jeff can you make these links so they're easy to click?