Thursday, March 26, 2009


The latest close pass. I'll have to right more about it later.

543-ewx from Bikesafer on Vimeo.


alexwarrior said...

Ugh, maybe it was just the angle, but that looks like one of the closest helmet-cam passes I've seen yet! Looks almost within elbow space even...

Geisterbahnbesitzer said...

Nothing will change, riding so far right. 1 meter (3feet?) distance from the right is ok.

Slapped Enough said...

How to OUTwit, OUTsmart, and OUTgame Road-Ragin' Outta-Control Cagers, WITHOUT Really Dying:

1) Make 'em see ya.

2) Make 'em share da road.

3) Quit gutter trolling.

EXPO Racing said...

Yup. That one was CLOSE!

What if we started kicking cars like we kick dogs who chase us? ;)

MikeOnBike said...

Geisterbahnbesitzer said... "Nothing will change, riding so far right. 1 meter (3feet?) distance from the right is ok."

If the lane is too narrow for a vehicle and bike to safely travel side-by-side within the lane, then ANY position within that lane is okay (and legal). Check your state's "far-to-the-right" law for details.

Further left, maybe even left of center in some cases, might be more effective in encouraging overtaking traffic to change lanes to pass.

Riding too far right in a narrow lane is an open invitation for close passing.


mberigan said...

I almost got blasted 3/26 by a fellow too occupied w/ looking at his buddy on the sidewalk to actually stop at the stop sign. I only escaped (the car actually did glance off of me) because I saw it coming. I stopped about 20 yards beyond where he stopped and could see he was prepped to head in a different direction if I were to challenge him. I need gear to record my rides. Can you recommend appropriate affordable gear??? mberigan at berigan dot com

Ant said...

I would have said unbelievable - before I was hit by a bus last year in just such a situation - now I say, sadly, believable and normal for cars to care so little about human life that they come so close.