Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Correspondence

I have to correct something I said in my previous post. I said the City Prosecutor referred to two separate incidents about which I contacted him. I only contacted him regarding one incident. He received a complaint about the second incident from the Police Department.

He does however mix up the facts of both cases. The initial correspondence as well as my follow up correspondence to the City Prosecutor are both below.

The initial posts about the incidents can be found at:

By the way, even though he is a public employee, neither Mr. Kershek or anyone with his office has ever responded to any of my emails, phone calls, or letters in any way. The copy of the letter I did get was sent to me by the Mayor.


Kevin said...

It's sad when cyclists, based on our chosen mode of transportation, are treated like second class citizens by law enforcement. Why do we have to do the work of getting traffic laws enforced?


Lynchmob said...

Jeff - I just got done watching the Fox news story on Youtube. Great stuff. Can you direct me to one of your posts about what camera gear you use? I am interested in a similar set-up here in St. Louis. I have another clever way of dealing with aggressive drivers:


degnaw said...

off topic, but I noticed the one fox 6 investigators thing about "who rules the road" is no longer available - is it saved anywhere else where it can be watched?

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying your writings from my perch in sunny Southern California. Thank you for your writing endeavors. As a note to my comment, I suggest that that you change the black background color of your page to white - it will make it more readable. Gracias. Now back to my reading.

Ryan said...

heres an idea ... what about a flexible stick about 2 feet long, maybe 3, that has a large red reflector and a penny on it. When someone gets too close, they hit yoru flexible stick + penny, damaging their car.

Most of the time the reflector on the end of the stick will keep them a good distance from you.

Since you have teh right to 3 feet of space, if they hit your reflector, you knwo they are breaking the law

Also .. you need a better camera facing backwards so you can can their license plate numbers!!!!

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic, but still, you might like this tatto, which I assume is on a calf muscle:

Kevin said...

That flexible stick idea will likely end up with more damage to the cyclist than the offending car. When the car hits the flexible stick I suggest that it will act just like hitting a baseball, except that it's attached to you, and will swing back around and whack you! Beware!

magnatom said...

Well done on your campaign. I've been doing something similar in the UK for over 3 years. I've certainly had some interesting incidents, and have had some good publicity (luckily). Have a look at my blog and search for magnatom on google if you are interested in seeing similar videos from across the pond.