Saturday, May 17, 2008

One More Idiot Driver, But Also One More Good Cop

It was in Brookfield, coming down Elmbrook hill. I was going 35 which happens to be the speed limit on that road so I was not in the bike lane. Last time I was on that hill the bike lane had sand on it and anyone who knows the hill knows the bike lane jogs left and right. The last thing I want to be doing when I'm going 35 is cutting left and right to stay in a bike lane.

Driver starts to pass me once and then lays back and comes back to pass me again, this time getting closer than the first time. All at 35 mph.

Officer Smith responded and was very professional. He asked me multiple times if I was O.K. and said he would make contact with the driver. I left it with him as I usually do with officers who are professional. I told him if, after talking to the driver, he believed the driver would not endanger cyclists again, that should be the end of it. If he thought the driver might do this again, I would like a citation issued. He agreed that was fair. I'll let you know how it turns out. By the way what a great day for a ride! Got 50 in and hope for another 50 Sunday.

On a different note, I heard from my brother who is building me some light bodies. I have to install the guts, but the basic shape is done. They look pretty cool. LED, should be about 200 lumens each, total cost about $35.


fridrix said...

It seems you are much more concerned about other people following the rules than you yourself. You don't mind making people slow down, by driving in their lane, because you don't want to slow down yourself.

Jeff said...

Ummm...What rules did I not follow? How did I make someone slow down? Perhaps you should go back and actually read the post you are commenting about.

I was going the SPEED LIMIT, so the only person I might be causing to slow down is someone who is SPEEDING, or as you put it not following the rules. Futhermore, it's not someone else's lane I was driving in, I was entitled to the lane.

If I was on motorcycle or in a car going the speed limit should another car be able to force me out of the lane I'm using just so he can speed by me?

Johnny said...

I would take an add out in the local newspaper and post your website address. Want to see a jerk motorist. Go to www.etc. etc. Then I would do a DMV check (it costs 25 bucks) and I would mail the newspaper ad and a video of the incident to the driver of the car.

EXPO Racing said...

We miss you...Kits are in!!!