Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brookfield Update

Well it only took 2 letters to the Brookfield Chief of Police, 2 emails to the Brookfield City Attorney and about 100 calls to the Police Department, the City Attorney's office and the Mayor's office, but over a month after I first raised concerns, I've been given assurances that the Brookfield Police Department understands, and will enforce fairly, the laws regarding bicycles.

I'm posting all the correspondence I've had with various public officials so you all can appreciate the amount of effort it took just to get them to address this issue. As of yet I have not heard back from the Police Chief or the Mayor about my ideas to help make their roads safer. I'll let you know if I do. I'll have more thoughts on all this later.

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David said...

Interesting exchange. I'm a little disturbed at the Chief's remarks about ending up "dead or seriously injured as a result." Although I doubt it was the Chief's intent, it's possible to read the statement as a threat. He was certainly suggesting shared responsibility. Nice work.