Saturday, April 26, 2008

Left Cross, Kind Of

Boy I hope the wind is not as bad in Iowa as it is in Wisconsin today, or everyone doing Trans Iowa is going to be miserable.
The good news is that not everyone who does stupid things toward bikes on the road is out to get us. The bad news is there are still a lot of people doing stupid things out there. That's why
education is so important.

I had my first non passing close call in a long time. Thankfully I had a sand covered turn lane to escape into if necessary. I chased the driver down for about 3 miles and when I caught up to him the first thing he said was "sorry". He said he saw me but then when the other car came by he forgot about me. At least next time he might be a little more careful since I gave him an earful when it happened, (no profanities), and was very calm and nice when I caught him.
It was a great ride in spite of the horrendous wind. Maybe more miles tomorrow.

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Tingler said...

this blog just tickled me. keep up this blog please! I have the same idea for the columbus OH area. I just ordered a helmet cam. had a bad experience here