Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Pizzeria 100

Well almost a hundred. I wanted to go 100 miles, but I'm temporarily without a bike computer, so I only did 92. It felt longer, but I coulda done 100. I had a made from scratch asparagus, kalamata olive, and roasted red pepper pizza waiting for me at home. That's some good motivation. I wanted to do the Ronsta ride Sunday, but family obligations likely will prevent that, so I had to get a long one in today.
Unfortunately I had a very scary close call today. Even more unfortunately, I didn't get the plate. The van went by so fast I barely had time to be scared, much less get the plate. I was plenty shook up afterward though. It was about 10 miles before my legs stopped shaking, and I was back to normal. The video doesn't show the distance very well because one camera slipped and one was using a different mount that needs adjustment, but the still photo shows how close the wheel was to me, so imagine the how close the big mirror was to my head. I'm estimating 6-12 inches. Scary. Come on people be careful! He only had to wait like 2 seconds for the oncoming car to clear to pass safely. I guess a human life is not really worth 2 seconds of his time.

But all in all it was a good ride.

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