Saturday, April 12, 2008

He Who Hesitates...Can't Be Hatin'

I waited too long to sign up for the H8TR 100 and it filled up. So While all the cool kids were ridin around Haterville, I was grinding my way through the snow and wind solo. Didn't quite get the 100k in because my feet got cold. I should have put plastic baggies on before my shoes. Note to self, next year sign up early. It's more fun suffering with friends than alone.
On a different note, one of the other cool kids is famous. Johnny G. is the WEMS poster child. Hope they talked to your agent and got all the proper releases and made out the checks. Great job John. I'll send it to CLIFBAR and maybe Gus can send it to the other sponsors. They should be happy.

Had a couple cars buzz me, nothing to report to the cops, but I talked to one guy. Didn't quite get the response I got from Mark, but maybe it will get through to him. I did the usual, asked him nicely to please try to give a little more room next time he passed a bike. We'll see.

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Way to go Johnny G!