Sunday, June 8, 2008

Le Grande Avventura e Le Bicicletta

That translates to The Grand Adventure and The Bicycle.
Well we are back from our first ever trip abroad. It was quite an experience. We definitely had some travel issues getting to and from Italy, but we rode in the hills of Tuscany and on the wall around the town of Lucca. We saw the final stage of the Giro d' Italia in Milan and had some great food and wine, and met some great people. More photos, videos, and details soon. And boy I really need to get back on the bike.
P.S. There is no 3 foot rule in Italy, for that matter watching the Italians drive it doens't seem that there are many rules at all. But they make it work. I'll have more on that too.


EXPO Racing said...

Welcome back! Just in time for the rain =)

akahn said...

What was the weather like when you were there?

yuetao said...

Wow, Glad you had a fantastic vacation. Great pictures.