Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking the High Road in Pewaukee

I had one of the closest calls in a long while today in Pewaukee. I called the Police and waited for them to arrive. I didn't' have to wait too long. Two very nice, fair officers responded very quickly. They talked to the driver and told me it was up to me what happened next. We all talked to the driver and the officers said they believed that he would not do it again. He apologized many times so I cut him some slack and did not ask that a citation be issued. In hindsight after looking at the video, I'm not sure it was the right call, but hey at least I have the satisfaction of taking the high road and giving him the benefit of the doubt even if he didn't do the same for me.

I will still be contacting his bosses though, since this is the second incident with a Yellow Trucking vehicle since I've started videotaping. I'm going to ask that they send a memo to every one of their drivers informing them that bicycles have a right to be on the roads and the truck drivers have to pass safely and in many states that means giving at least 3 feet of space. I will also ask that they incorporate bicycle education into any and all ongoing training the driver receive.

Then on the way back in the Village of Pewaukee, I almost got clipped by a dump truck who blew a stop sign. I'm still in the process of contacting the Police about this one. I'll let you know what happens. Still no word from Brookfield yet, but I did write a letter to Waukesha Sheriff's Department and they are looking into the deputy's handling of my complaint.


EXPO Racing said...

yikes. Some close calls.

Anonymous said...

we have some good films on bike, go see them!

Tingler said...

man your mic is a whole lot better than mine. yellow came over way too fast after overtaking you. i have felt like i was getting pulled into the trailer before after the cab passes. weird wind tunnel stuff.
the dump truck guy should lose his CDL. focker. well at least you can actually get some results where you live.