Monday, June 16, 2008

Which is Worse?

This morning I'm pondering that question. Is a law enforcement officer who is ignorant of the law worse than a law enforcement officer who knows the law and chooses not to enforce it?
I was buzzed by the same New Berlin Redi-Mix cement truck TWICE on the same ride Saturday, and was given many excuses why the truck did it, not by New Berlin Redi-Mix, but by the Waukesha Sheriff's Deputy I contacted about the incident.

Here is a direct quote from him, "...I think they have 3 feet by law they have to move over so a foot with a concrete, cement truck is I mean3 feet is kinda hard to measure, your driving one of those things but you know maybe he thought he was over enough..."

I'll have more quotes from the Deputy and an update on this as soon as I either hear from the Deputy or I talk to his supervisor.

I'm still waiting to hear back from the Brookfield cop who seemed(s) to be taking my complaint about the Acura seriously.


yuetao said...

Wow, that looked way too close for comfort. Any idea what speed you were traveling on your bicycle when that occurred? Just curious. The "close pass" usually seems worse the faster you are going on a bicycle. Actually I don't want to call it a close pass. The truth is that you were nearly clipped or nearly cut off. No excuse for this type of driving. I'm with you on this issue. I usually reach out and pound on the side of the vehicle with my fist when a driver does this. I have always found this to be anti productive though. Drivers get angry because I might have caused damage to their vehicle. Keep up the good work. Perhaps someday, with continued work from more people like you, bicycle riders will get more respect from motor vehicle drivers.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure bicycle safety is not focused on when police are in training. Nor is it covered when kids are going through driver's ed in high school. So the ignorance starts at a young age.