Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bikesafer on TV

I was on Fox 6 news Tuesday night. The investigative reporter did a story on my difficulties with the City of Brookfield. You can view it here. Select "Dead Right" from the list of stories.

I'd love to hear what you think of it.




Noel said...

They should play that on one of the national news shows.

CycloneCross said...

I want to personally thank both you and Fox 6 Milwaukee for raising awareness on this issue. Cyclists all around the country deal with the same issue on a daily basis. Again, I applaude your efforts!


Anonymous said...

Great story. I thought it was done really well. I also submitted it to http://bikeportland.org/.

-S said...

Outstanding work! This should be shown nationally. Keep us posted on the feedback that FOX 6 received after this aired.

EXPO Racing said...

Great work Jeff. National news is next!

gwadzilla said...

Great Piece!

credit to local FOX News for a great piece

that piece was not only quality but it was also more than a blurb
it really covered a good amount of information

awesome stuff!

The Lone Wolf said...


I've been reading your blog for awhile now. Great job with the Fox 6 story.. and great blog too.

Keep up the dedicated, terrific work you've been doing.. and be safe!


Tingler said...

dude. its payin off.

Anonymous said...

Great piece. Do you have a copy of the Brookfield prosecutor's letter? I'd love to see his "reasoning."

Jeff said...

Mr. Anonymous,
I do have a copy of the prosecutor's letter. I can try to post it but the bulk of his reasoning is in the post found here:
Thanks for reading