Monday, September 22, 2008

Before and After

No I didn't get a makeover, but the video might be just as interesting as if I had.
On a ride last week, I saw an SUV that I called the police about last spring. I've only seen one other vehicle that I've complained about after the initial complaint so I was very interested to see how the driver would pass me this time. You can see for yourself below. The first video is the before from March of this year and the second is from last week, September of this year.

Later in the ride I had 2 late teen to early 20 something guys in a sports car behind me going up a hill. They waited until the top of the hill so they could see around me to pass and as they did I gave them a wave to say thanks and they gave me a wave and a thumbs up. So some progress is being made. The close pass later in the ride by a Ford Focus still points to the fact that work needs to be done, but every little bit helps. At least this one SUV driver seems to have gotten the message. Thanks to Officer Morris of the New Berlin Police Department. I don't know what she told the driver, but it seems to have worked.

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gwadzilla said...

changing behavior one driver at a time!

good work

now can you get over to dc and start teaching people to drive here?