Friday, March 21, 2008

Another Ticket?

It looks like another motorist who doesn't want bikes on the road might be getting a ticket.
Tuesday I was buzzed by a woman in an SUV, who waited at the next stop light to yell at me for being on the road. She thought I should be on the shoulder, which by the way, was full of sand and glass. She claimed, according to the police officer who took the complaint, that she gave me 6 feet of space as she passed. You be the judge, well at least for now, she may face a real judge later.

I have to get back to the New Berlin Police officer. She was awesome to deal with. I'm not saying she was great to deal with because she said she would issue a ticket, I'm saying it because she didn't immediately say she wouldn't. I'll keep you all updated.


Peter said...

honestly, it's kinda hard to tell. how can we have any idea of scale, where the camera is, where you are, where the truck is, etc.?

GB said...

It seems like the majority of the time I'm buzzed it's by an SUV...

Do you have audio / video from when she was yelling at you? I've got to get a camera setup like yours (I know you posted about how to set it up). More importantly though, Ohio first has to pass a 3-foot law. One was proposed recently but it didn't make it through. :(


Anonymous said...

Hard to tell just how close she was from the video. It looks like your riding to the right of the white line, on the shoulder already. So why no video of the woman yelling at you?