Friday, March 7, 2008


Just got this little tidbit in my email:
"Bikesafer" at the end is about as stupid a statement as I can imagine coming
from someone who would ride in that kind of weather. Sadly, I find it just too
bad that you weren't hit. The biking world would be better off without you, even
if you are really as cool as you must think you are."
If this is the way any true cyclist feel about other cyclists, we have a lot farther to go in our fight for equal rights to use the roads than I thought. Granted this is another in the long line of anonymous comments, so I can only hope this not from a fellow cyclist. Although, I'm not sure which is worse, a fellow cyclist who wishes me dead by the hands of an errant motorist, or a motorist who wishes me dead at the hands of an errant motorist? Either way, I'm safe for a few more days while I recover from the crud that's going around, then it's back out on the road with the crazy people, motorists and cyclists alike. I hope we can all agree we are better off with no one getting killed out there, regardless of our opinions on the subject of bicyclist's rights.


Noel said...

Seeing how cars have much more inertia than a bicycle:

"'Drivesafer' at the end is about as stupid a statement as I can imagine coming from someone who would drive in that kind of weather."

If it is safe to drive, it is safe to bike.

Doc said...


It is unfortunate that there are people out there like that. I have been hit by a car on my bike and don't wish it on anybody. I personally wouldn't ride in the weather conditions you ride in, but more power to you for doing it. You have every right to be on the road. I'm not sure we will ever be able to convince motorists of that though. I have had police honk at me while on my bike, when I am all the way to the right. Even the police don't observe the rules of the road.

Peter said...

Jeff and everyone,

Please have a look at our petition if you haven't done so already. And if you think it's legit, please sign it.


EXPO Racing said...

Stay on it! Let's hook up for a ride next weekend.