Sunday, March 30, 2008

Out For a Sunday Ride

I bought my cameras to help prosecute crazy drivers who run cyclists off the road, but they also come in handy for goofin around on group rides too.

It was a little cloudy but no rain, which made for a perfect day for nice easy 45 miles in Waukesha with Ron and a cast of thousands, O.K. a cast of 8 others. The 9 of us got off to a slow start thanks to Gus's flat, but after that no problems. No crazy drivers was an added bonus. Thanks for the ride everyone it was great.

I didn't have a lot of time so the video is just whatever I had on the handheld camera cut together chronologically. It's a little long, but I didn't have time to cut it proper like. Maybe next week when the wife's busy with work.
Enjoy, and thanks again for a fun ride.


Ronsta said...

Awesome Jeff!
Thanks again for coming out.

EXPO Racing said...

A pronasty ride it was.