Sunday, June 29, 2008

As Promised

When I first started this blog, I said I would "welcome comments and discussion from motorists who have horror stories about cyclists who violate the laws and come close to causing accidents."
Well I encountered just such a bicyclist today.

I was on my way back from Pewaukee, eastbound on Gebhardt Rd. in the mostly downhill section with a tailwind when I was caught up by a trio on some nice road bikes. Don't worry Ms. Roadie, as promised you aren't in the video, good talking/riding with all of you though. The lead guy passed me so I did my best to hold his wheel and away we went. I noticed he started to slow a little and move over, and that's when I saw it/him. The idiot bicyclist was, well, see for yourself.

Once I realized he wasn't going to hit us I accelerated up the little hill. I thought maybe he knew my 3 new friends. I found out at the next light he did not. The lead guy in our group wasn't waving hello and saying how ya doin'. We all remarked on what an idiot this guy was.

No trouble other than that. It sure was fun flying back with the wind, even if the way out was a pain.


cyclonecross said...

To put it in the words of BSNY: "Maybe he was heading upstream to spawn?"

Riding like that will put him in the running for a Darwin award.

Mad Trix said...

Thats why half the knobs hate us.