Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wrong Way Dude

We drive on the right side of the road in the U.S. Most of us learn this early in life.
Someone should tell Mr. pickup truck that. He thinks it's fine to drive on the left side to back into his driveway, even when oncoming traffic is using that lane.

As I was attempting to get the license number he says, "you got a problem asshole?" No but maybe you have a problem understanding what those yellow lines on the road mean. He told me he did it because I was on a bike, that he wouldn't have done it if I was driving a car or truck. Long story short, cops said they talked to him and since he was backing a trailer into his driveway, he wasn't doing anything illegal. What trailer you ask, I asked the same thing. Officer said he would take his lying into account next time but no ticket this time. I'm no lawyer but the statute seems pretty clear

346.05 Vehicles to be driven on right side of roadway;
(1) Upon all roadways of sufficient width the
operator of a vehicle shall drive on the right half of the roadway
and in the right−hand lane of a 3−lane highway

Nowhere is there an exception for backing a trailer.
Oh by the way here's the part I can't figure, this goofball has a circle driveway so he could drive in like everyone else and still be able to drive out just as if he backed in, but not have to drive on the wrong side of the road.

I know this wasn't a major life threatening incident, but the fact that he did it just because I was on a bike, and the fact that he lied to the cops and the cops did nothing, is, I think interesting.



Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that he was grabbing his mail from his car, which isn't lawful or wise in the manner which he did it.

I have seen this before on rural roads while I was biking.

I always slow down and allow the vehicle to move before approaching.

In the video it really looks like you aggressively approached his vehicle.

That might explain his comment. ;-)

Ken Walker said...

Ya, it's just crazy what people do (both cars and bikes - but like you I mostly film cars)

Keep up the filming!


Noskilz said...

Sorry, but this one appears to me like you were looking for a confrontation. Courtesy is a two-way street. Not every traffic rule infringement needs to confronted by a biker with a camera.

Phil said...

In my years of cycling the most common and offensive demographic towards cyclists are pick up truck drivers, I surmise the reason is that demographic most likely are not cyclists.

I only gesture to motorists with a wave or hello for those motorists that show courtesy, no need to uncover the hidden pathologies of angry and disgruntled homosapiens and listen to their acrimony directed at me and my bicycle.

Most motorists have a chip on their shoulder and a skinny guy on bicycle with "funny clothes" and sunglasses is all they need to unload. My first priority is personal safety not policing the public roadway.

Ride Safe!

Jeff said...

I'm sorry how does this seem like I was looking for a confrontation. Did you watch the video? Some guy parks his truck on the wrong side of the road right in front of me and I was looking for a confrontation?
I agree courtesy is a two way street; in what way was it courteous for this driver to park in the road and then call me an asshole for stopping to get his license number? Would it not have been courteous for him to apologize for causing me to grab a hand full of brake to avoid hitting him?

Phil said...

Hi Jeff,

I'm not trying to call you out on anything, just offer another view. I think very highly of your blog and consequently I read it regularly. I've personally wrestled with the motorist/cyclist thing, this after over 40 years of being on the road as an amateur cyclist/triathlete. I have been raged against in many and various forms and have choosen retalition on some occasions, no longer. The anti social, anti bicycle motorist element are "1 percenters" and I've decided that I should focus on those that show courtesy and I have found there are many. This shift in view I'm discovering has made my rides more enjoyable and worthwhile. Thanks for providing a great forum for myself and our fellow cyclists. Best Regards.

Justin De Clemente said...

Stay the course, as more and more of these inconsiderate motorist are made aware of their carelessness, the tides will slowly turn. Sadly, we'll lose more and more cyclists until the day comes when cycling is the rule of transportation. Regarding law enforcement: A badge is often a licence to exhibit stupidity...