Thursday, April 28, 2011

300 Miles of Gravel

Actually 3oo plus miles.

Untitled from Bikesafer on Vimeo.

I experienced my first Trans Iowa this year. I didn't ride it, I shot it.
Look for a Documentary on Trans Iowa V. 7 coming soon.
Thanks to all the TIv7 racers and organizers for being so receptive to having a camera in their face throughout the race. Also thanks to my wife, who as it turns out, is a damn good field producer.
I hope to have a trailer up in a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Trans Iowa?

You're doing it wrong. RAGBRAI!

David Glandon said...

Sweet! Keep us posted on when it comes out!

Steve Fuller said...

Looking forward to seeing this Jeff. :)

RAGBRAI = Party Ride
TransIowa = Test of self

Two different things. Both have their place.