Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Got a Little Cocky

And I paid for it. I felt really good and the snow/road conditions were perfect and I was taking some corners pretty fast, motocross style, you know with the foot out to catch yourself. Well I did it once to often and I started to go down before my MX foot could catch me. No harm done, just a boot full of slush.

Getting Cocky from Bikesafer on Vimeo.

Speaking of boots, I wore the Answer Kashmir for the first time. Warm dry feet make your ride much more enjoyable and these shoes/boots even fit my goofy shaped feet. Look for a more in depth review when I've ridden them some more, so far I like them a lot.
I rode over to Hoyt Park to look for Russell and his Tosa mofos, but no one around and no tire tracks. Maybe I was early/late/showed up to the wrong place. Maybe next time.

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Mad Trix said...

Glad yer OK dude maybe we'll meet again next Rosta Ride.