Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Ticket Item

Breaking News

There is another big ticket item in addition to the one discussed below. My first singlespeed since my bmx bike in middle school is ready to ride.

No I haven't been shopping, the big ticket was given to the driver of the car in the latest video.

Franklin Police Department is now 2 for 2. Not for tickets issued, but both times I 've reported drivers there, the officers were professional and helpful.

Back to the ticket.

The officer wrote the guy for driving on a suspended license instead of illegally passing me, and that's fine because I might not need to testify now if he fights that ticket. It's also a bigger ticket.

The scary thing to ponder is, given the fact that he was driving with a suspended license, and since he honked at me and told the officer he thought I was in his way, would he have stopped if he had hit me.
Hopefully he will at least give bikes more room next time he drives with a suspended license.

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EXPO Racing said...

One close buzzz and one SWEET Ride!