Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now A Few Words From The Lieutenant

I thought the best way to illustrate the absurdity of the Brookfield Police Department's reaction to this latest incident would be to simply share a few quotes from Lt. Beth.

Lt.: Well you know I would choose different roads to ride on if this is an issue, choose a road that’s much safer for you if this is a concern,
Jeff: I guess I would ask you if a motorist came to you with continuing concerns about safety on a road would you tell them to drive on a different road? If I told you Calhoun Road was to dangerous to drive on would you tell me to drive on a different road?
Lt.: no I wouldn’t do that but I’m just telling you I’d advise you that if this is an issue where you don’t have enough room to safely ride with vehicles also riding on the road I would choose a different route.

Lt.: … plus the fact that the car had another vehicle coming the other way and it really had no where to go at the time.

Lt.: and I would advise you not to swear in public places such as you did yesterday (just for the record I did not swear yesterday) that’s a form of disorderly conduct. You brought in proof of that which we have on file.

Lt. I have to warn you that you’re riding on the white line and that’s pushing it in my estimation.


Lt. You have no right to be in an active traffic lane if you’re not going the speed limit.

Just for the record the first officer to investigate told me multiple times that it's clear that the truck driver was in violation. In spite of that fact, the driver was only warned, and then told that I was also violating the law. So now he/she incorrectly believes that I am not allowed to ride on the road.

Well done Officer. You've let a driver off for a serious violation of the traffic laws and given him incorrect information which will influence his future travels and further put me and other cyclists in harms way.


Jamie said...

Amazing. It's clear that we're not the only city in the country where cyclist education should mean not only education for the cyclists, but education for the police about cyclists and their rights.

xSmurf said...

Incredible! I hope you will perceiver and contact higher authorities!

Blue said...

Keep it up Jeff.
Maybe our children can ride more safely because of your proactive actions.

Blue said...

Keep at it Jeff. Maybe our children will be able to ride safer because of the educational

xSmurf said...

(sorry for the double post)

Maybe you can point this officer to this video from the DoT...

Tingler said...

@xsmurf- that video is great. LOL
jeff, i think i would've been over farther with all the room to the right. although i cant see if theres a bunch of road crap there or the pavement outside the white line is questionable.