Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just A Reminder

Just a few reminders of why I ride with cameras and spend hours of time I can't spare trying to convince authorities that cyclists have a right to ride on the road and deserve protection from idiot drivers. Too often, even when the evidence is overwhelming that a driver has done something wrong, law enforcement does nothing because the victim is on a bicycle.

It happens in Wisconsin and California and Arizona and that's just to name a few recent examples.

Granted none of my incidents rise to the seriousness of these examples, but that is what I'm trying to prevent. I don't want to become another statistic. Just maybe, my calling the police about a driver who buzzes me will prevent them from killing or injuring a bicyclist in the future.

On a positive note Mrs. Bikesafer and Kathy G. did the Pardeeville Tri on Saturday. It was perfect weather for the race and they had fun. I was Mr. support because Mrs. Bikesafer supports me in all my races, it was time to return the favor. It was fun to see her enjoy the competition too.

The next generation of homebrew lights is nearing completion. Pictures to follow soon.

In the update department, the officer from Brookfield regarding the Acura incident has forwarded the info to the city prosecutor, but I haven't heard from him yet. In the Yellow truck incident, I heard from the VP of safety for the parent company and he is going to include my suggestions in the next safety memo. I had a close pass from a Crate and Barrel truck and they seem to have taken it seriously. They say they are going to use my video as a training tool for their drivers. Small victories here and there help.

Be careful out there.


tjsager said...

Jeff, did you post the Crate and Barrel truck incident? I would like to see it. That's fantastic that they would include that in their training. One Little Victory!

EXPO Racing said...

That EXPO kit looks NICE!

Way to go girls.

24-9 is getting clooooser =)

Jeff said...

No I didn't post the crate and barrel truck, I didn't have time to get it posted. I'll try to get it up soon.