Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive

Many of you have been asking for info on how I set up my cameras. Here is a quick video with some written instructions. I use the Oregon Scientific ATC2K camera. I have one facing forward and one facing the rear. The rear facing camera is mounted either on the drops of my road bike or on the bar end of the mtb. I mount it on top of the bar so I can work the controls without removing the camera. I use a piece of pipe insulation to cushion the camera where it contacts the bar and some other dense foam under the camera to get the angle I want. I attach both cameras with velcro. The camera comes with a short velcro strap and I bought some velcro from the local craft store, or Walmart. I also use a piece of rubberized stuff to keep the whole thing from slipping. I've seen this stuff used under carpets as well as cabinet liners and placemats. I record at the medium resolution and the 30frames per second and get about and hour and 45 minutes per 2 gig card. good luck and let me know if you get any good videos.


Richard said...

Thanks. I use the same camera, but on my front bars. I get lots of jiggle, and I don't think it would help much to show close passes. Ironically, I got it right after being almost put into the ditch, but havnen't had any close calls since.

I think I'll try the rear mount, and maybe a 2nd for the helmet. And the cushioning sounds critical.

Kevin said...

I have an Oregon Scientific ATC2K. I often have it mounted on the handlebars (in a position similar to where you might mount a speedo)

I find that it's image stabilization is great. I've had very viewable video taken on chip sealed roads so rough I could hardly ride the bike!

I also have a Tony Hawk helmet cam. Resolution as not as good, controls not as friendly, but it was only $50!

I just wish they'd record longer. I get just under 2 hours on both the 2 Gig SD card and the set of batteries. I almost always ride longer than two hours.