Thursday, March 12, 2015

Spring, The Season of Impatience

It seems spring is often the worst season for impatient drivers.  Maybe they just aren't used to bicycles being on the road yet, but that doesn't excuse dangerous or illegal behavior.
Approaching a stop sign this red Dodge pickup license LA 8481 decided he needed to get to the stop sign before I did.
He didn't quite make it and in the process he almost took me out. In the rear facing angle you can see my hand come within an inch or so of the bed of the truck.  I was pretty sure he was gonna hit me so I took my hand off the bars so I could avoid him hitting my handlebars and sending me flying.

During our conversation at the stop sign he told me that he was 2 feet away from me.  I think it was a little closer than that but in any case it was nice of him to admit on camera that he broke the law.
I asked him 3 times if he would have passed me the same way if it had been his son or daughter on the bike.  He declined to answer all 3 times.  He did tell me that the road was narrow and I should ride elsewhere.
What he neglected to acknowledge is that we were a few feet from a stop sign, so there was insufficient time to complete the pass and even if there had been, there was an entire oncoming lane clear of traffic he could and should have used.
The road I was on is right next to a village park where countless families take their kids to play.  Not a county highway or a busy city street.  If anyone should be told to go elsewhere perhaps it should be the truck driver who violates the law.

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