Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some Things Never Change

I've been off the bike for a while and recently got back in the saddle.  I've missed many things about riding but I haven't missed the idiots.
Last week a woman nearly doored me and when I called her out on it she told me how dangerous bikes were.  Then her knucklehead boyfriend or brother or whatever got into the act.  He told me his name was Brent Halverson.  Either way neither saw anything wrong with opening a door into a bike lane right in front of a bike. 
Today the driver of an SUV stopped at a stop sign, then looked right at me and started pulling out directly into my path.  I really am starting to think there are some seriously sick people out there.  I'm pretty sure he was trying to scare me, not hit me, but using your car to get inches away from a person on a bike to scare them is no different than shooting a gun over someones head or swinging a baseball bat just inches from someones head to scare them.  If you miss you will likely kill or maim the person.  If you care that little for other human life you are pretty sick and you not only shouldn't be on the road you shouldn't be allowed in society.

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