Monday, April 2, 2012

If Only There Was A Way....

It must be something about spring. Maybe drivers aren't used to bikes on the roads after the winter. I'm not sure why but spring is usually a bad time for bad drivers. Two days, two rides, two dangerous drivers.
Since alerting the authorities to these incidents likely wouldn't result in any repercussions for the drivers, I was musing on my ride today, if only there was a way to easily, cheaply, and legally get information from these license plates...
perhaps if these drivers got a note from the cyclist they buzzed with a copy of the video and pertinent statutes they violated, maybe they would think twice about their actions.
Maybe, if only. I guess a public shaming on this blog will have to do for now.

In the first video I had to ride into the lane away from the shoulder because of two pedestrians on the shoulder, then I stayed near the white line because the shoulder ended soon and I didn't want to get run into the curb. Of course this guy couldn't wait 2 seconds for a second lane.

In the second video the pass didn't look that bad, from one angle, but what was bad was the fact that he honked and when I looked back at him, he waved rather violently as if I should get off the road or else and then when he cut back in front of me, he came within about a foot of my front wheel. I did lose my composure at the end and let go with a one finger salute. I feel a little bad about that but this guy clearly was trying to send me a message with a 2000 pound weapon. That tends to get me a little upset.


Dave said...

The second wasn't good for sure. But the first... man.

I was watching that tar strip in the rear view. I thought, "if this guy stays that close to the strip, it's going to be close." Then he crosses the strip toward you when he approaches! WTF?

I really understand your frustration with the authorities, because if video evidence doesn't help, what will? I guess I can only say, don't give up. Then the morons will win for sure.

PS - When/how will the Trans Iowa film be available?

Franklin Law said...

Wow you really have some amazing videos on your blog. People need to be informed about this dangerous behavior and should realize their mistakes.