Saturday, October 22, 2011

If You Reason, They Will Listen...

I got out for an afternoon ride on Friday, during which I got buzzed by a Lincoln Navigator which immediately turned into a subdivision. Naturally I followed. A conversation ensued. Differing opinions were offered, but the driver seemed genuinely interested in the laws I was telling him about. I think it's because he believed he could prove me wrong. The conversation was passionate but not heated and eventually we both started to talk more calmly and even shook hands. The driver agreed to try to allow more room for bikes. I'll follow up with a copy of the video and the pertinent statutes, but I think this goes down in the win column. I think this driver will give more room next time.

The next driver I had an issue with on this ride however probably wont listen to reason unless it comes from a judge and has a fine associated with it.
He had to get past me so badly that he forced an oncoming car almost entirely onto the shoulder. The road widened to 4 lanes about a quarter mile up the street. I of course caught up to him at the red light. He looked like he was going to get out of his car and come after me until I told him I had his license plate number, which was Wisconsin truck plate #GK8502. When I told him that, he squealed his tires and took off very quickly.

Maybe he'll get his day in court before he kills, injures, or endangers someone else.

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