Friday, February 18, 2011

Back on the Bike Back in the News

After a long hiatus from the bike due to a busy work schedule and a couple colds, I got back on the road last night. No major issues just a couple people name calling, but everyone gave me plenty of room.
I also ended up in the news again. There's an article in Outside Magazine about bike car conflicts in which I make an appearance. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but so far I think Tom Vanderbilt did a nice job. If you're arriving here from that article welcome.

Looking forward to more rides and more posts soon.



GaryP. said...


I read that Outside article and as a bicycle commuter I found it close to what I encounter.

I recently had a bicycle crash and am now on a new soapbox. Kevlar gloves. The details are now on my blog, if you are interested.


Greg said...

I did arrive here from that article. I just finished reading it and wanted to thank you for doing what you do. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I commuted 17 miles to and from work by bike, until a combination of loose dogs, and foolish drivers had me quit to remain alive for my children.

My thoughts about the subject changed after relocating to a town where a Law School is located. Day after day, I dodge students on bikes who do not stop at stop signs, intersections, or yield signs.

After being stuck behind peletons of students taking long rides, on back roads with 50 mph speed limits, I began filming these folks, and sending video to the police. Why, its illegal to ride more than two abreast in Vermont.

The story should show both sides of the issue. Most on bikes obey the waw, as do most drivers. It's the fools of both parties that make for unsafe conditions.

Welcome to 2Coyotes said...

Me too! I finished that article and jumped over here directly. I would love to be able to commute but 24 miles, although a good ride, would leave me in a unprofessional condition for my desk job. Too bad for me. Good article though. Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

Yep, just came here from the Tom Vanderbilt article as well. His "Traffic" really is an eye-opening book. I've just about had a heart attack watching a few of the videos. Let's call it "sympathetic road rage." I've thought of adding a similar video component to my blog, but I haven't invested in a camera yet. I also haven't had anything happen to me that was quite as egregious as what you've documented here. Still, I'm sure I'd tape some interesting things. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. I keep hearing the same old mantras along the lines of "just try biking to work".

I am an IT technician. My territory covers roughly Ft. Meade MD to Quantico VA. There are 20 other techs at my company and easily 30 other companies like mine. Do the math. We have to drive, especially if you want your networks up and running.

Being that most of my driving is in and around DC I have has my share of biker encounters. I will leave a wide berth, but I am telling you the MAJORITY of bikers I encounter are a-holes with a "I dare you" attitude. I don't doubt you have some drivers that are dangerous but the bikers for the most part are no better. A few weeks ago when we had a warmer evening I came up on a male and female "Tour de France" outfitted couple after dark. The female was riding behind the male with no light or reflective gear, including bike reflectors. None. Nothing at all. As I went around I very calmly ad politely said "Just letting you know I couldn't see you until I was right up to you". What I got in response was (from the female) F**K You. I replied "why would you cuss at me just for letting you know you didn't have reflectors?" She says back in a very snarky tone "oh, I was just sayin I want to F**K you....nice representation...

I think you have the right idea. I a nice sport video camera as well. I think a blog similar to yours is in order, but from the auto drivers perspective on bikers.

Bet I am going to have better videos than you, showing biker rudeness and dangerousness.

LastBoyScout said...

Jeff, what sort of video setup are you using on your helmet?

After another close call today - same old story: Riding partner and I two abreast on quiet side road; buzzed despite 3' law; brake checked when light turned yellow (we were behind the driver at this point, as he just buzzed me) as driver came to screatching complete stop, sliding sideways (slight downhill with wet roadway); and finally the driver ran the red light (probably didn't want to wait at the intersection with us for a full cycle of the light).

Anyway, I've decided it's time to add at least a helmet camera and perhaps a rear-facing camera too. I owe it to my family and myself in case the worst ever happens. Recommendations? Thanks!


Michael said...

Can you give some details about the cameras you use and how you have them setup on the bike?

Evan said...

Hi Jeff I'm scanning your blog after arriving from the Outside magazine article. I see you have the archive section on the right column but do you have a 'most popular posts' or something where I can quickly see your most popular videos. I'm asking because I'd like to see how you've built your video rig on your bike and also maybe see your top tips for dealing with scary situations.

Also, please let's ignore the trolls who are vising here and leaving anonymous comments.

Beverly said...

Hi Jeff, I also just arrived via the Outside Magazine article. I read through a couple pages of your blog and look forward to reading more. I just started commuting daily by bike this past October in Boston, and always try to be a good example for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. There's still a lot for me to learn and your blog is inspiring to me. Thanks, and best wishes.

David Henderson said...

His Jeff, I was just wondering what camera you used. I scanned many of your posts and some of the vimeo clips and I couldn't find it.

At any-rate, I hope you don't capture anything bad (cause that would be bad), but at least you are prepared and both drivers and cyclists should know that they can be held accountable for their actions.

Oh, the camera that I use is this. I love it.

Anonymous said...


You are a funny and angry little man. I ride quite a bit and have never seen anyone get as pissed off as you about cars passing by. You should make a compilation titled, "HEY! WHAT THE HELL!"


Gordon Harris said...

Hi Jeff -- I found a reference to your blog while reading a magazine in the dentist's office near my home about 30 miles north of Boston. Although the city is notorious for driver anger against cyclists, we have some sweet rides in the North Shore area where I live. I've built an interactive Google map of those rides at Drivers on our maze of old winding roads in and out of the state forests here drive slower and are much more observant and courteous. I consider them to be the best place to ride.

iplayhockey said...

Hi, I also arrived from the Outside article. I'm happy to see a blog like this.
My experience is similar.
I've had to become more cautious when approaching intersections over the past few years. I expect the car to run the stop sign.