Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Listening to Reason

I heard that familiar refrain Sunday in Waukesha, "move over ...". But it wasn't coming from someone in a car, it was from a guy getting his mail. I thought for a minute, go back and discuss or keep riding. I think mostly because he didn't shout his message, I decided to discuss. Turns out that was a good idea.

He explained that he's seen numerous bicycle riders hit near his house and that I should ride closer to the right to be safe. I explained why its safer to ride where I ride, so drivers know they need to use the other lane to pass. He continued to insist that it's safer on the right edge but, as I explained in more detail, he said he understood the logic in my argument.

At the end of our conversation, he extended his hand and wished me well. I'm glad I stopped, and more importantly I'm glad we were able to discuss it calmly.

Thanks for listening Mr. Waukesha


Dave said...

It's a cool thing when you have positive dialogue/encounters like this. It's easy to blog about the bad experiences, but thanks for sharing this one and highlighting the good.

Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

That is what needs to happen. A good exchange of opinions and ideas between drivers and cyclist will help bring the two sides closer to the middle.
Pulling over closer to the right is a common misconception by motorist and rooky cyclist. By being in that first 3rd of the lain forces the motorist to pass in the other lain and not try a sneak around. Sometimes in busy traffic situations I will pull over a little closer to be courteous to the drivers, But I will return back to my original lain position when it is clear or choose another route.