Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Claims To Be Cop, Proves He's Ignorant

I met this driver a few days ago when he tried to pass me in a narrow lane with oncoming traffic. After passing, he immediately turned right. Then he stopped and motioned for me to come back. As I did he said, "I'm a police officer. " I don't know if he really was a cop but he proved he was really ignorant of the rules of the road.

He said, referring to drivers, that, "we're not going to be behind you alright." He was adamant that I must ride further to the right. When I pointed out that the right hand edge was unsafe for me to ride, he said, "that's your problem."

He's right that is my problem, and by riding where I was, I was solving my problem. The bigger problem is when people like him decide it's more important to save 10 seconds than to operate their vehicles safely. The even bigger problem is if he is a police officer and doesn't know or understand the statutes he's sworn to enforce.


fred_dot_u said...

It would have been amusing to ask this alleged uninformed un-uniformed officer for his identification. An obvious notice of his vehicle license tag information would have then been a practical move.

Jeff said...

I did note his license information. 648-BRU in case you were wondering. It would be interesting to find out if he was in fact a cop.

MikeOnBike said...

Call his bluff. Ask for his badge number and the name and phone number of his supervisor. Write them down. Then pull out your phone and call his supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've got a pretty good photo there, that plus the license number should be enough should you choose to bring the incident to the attention of someone on the police force.

Unfortunately I can't advise you to bring it to the police. If my own experience is any guide, the guy will not only be a cop, but after you get him in trouble he'll make it his mission to "get" you.