Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ernesto Santiago-Norat

I lost a good friend to cancer last night. I know most readers of this blog didn't know him, but I wanted to write about him anyhow. Besides we did ride together once and this is a bike blog.

He was gifted photographer, a great friend and most importantly an extraordinary father. He leaves behind 2 beautiful daughters. His passion for his craft and for his family was inspiring. His self deprecating humor and quick wit were entertaining. All this made him one of the best friends of my adult life.

Good bye old friend


Anonymous said...

I googled Ernesto today to see if there was any information to send to his family and stumbled upon your blog.

My husband and I lived next door to Ernesto, and also rode with him on Two Wheel Tuesdays a few times. He was such a sweet and funny man. He will truly be missed!


Bailey Broderick

soly said...

Hi Jeff, this is Soly (Ernesto's sister). I wanted to let you know that our family is really happy to find Ernesto in your blog. We actually know you through my brother. He always talked about you and we know how you kept in touch with him. Thank You for that. It made him really happy. I also wanted to tell Ms. Broderick that he always talked to us about his rides with his neighbors. Oh, he totally enjoyed those. Thanks for being a good friend. We have no words to tell you how much we miss him but we know he is in heaven and will see him again.

Take care,