Friday, May 1, 2009

Furry Right Cross

It finally happened. I've had close calls before, but today was the day.

I ran over a squirrel.
Rocky came up to the edge of the road and then thought twice about it, then decided what the hell. He went for it. I was picturing this when I saw him go for it. Fortunately, even though my front wheel went right over him, I rode away and as near as I can tell from the slow mo video, he ran away.

Furry Right Cross from Bikesafer on Vimeo.



Crazy Commuting Cyclist said...

Once during a ride on the trails a squirrel ran into the wheel of my friend’s bike. Startling my friend and nearly causing him nearly to collide with the rest of the pack, the squirrel bounced off and ran back into the woods. My friend, who had managed to stop by now, shouted at the varmint while the rest of us had a good laugh at his expense. Maybe it is time to consider giving them their own signs. Deer have them, why not squirrels?

J L M & M said...

Dude! I came within microns of squirrel-pizza last week, too. I think in Spring the young ones get kicked out of the nest. And, well, selected out.

Thanks for the blog, man.