Sunday, April 5, 2009

Warning, Warning, Warning

No, it's not "Robot" from lost in space, it's common sense being exercised by officers from New Berlin and West Allis.
Multiple written warnings were issued this week to bad drivers.
Officers from the maroon Mercury incident and Saturday's white van incident gave written warnings to those drivers.

EK 9330 from Bikesafer on Vimeo.

I wish more officers would use the written warning. I'm not looking to get people cited, I just want them to be more careful around bicyclists. I really think a written warning would do that in many cases. It has the added benefit of being on their record in case they do commit similar offenses, officers can see that and take the appropriate action to get compliance. The officer in West Allis understood and supported my right to the road but apparently the driver did not. He told the officer I should have been on the sidewalk. The officer told him in fact bicycles do have the right to use the road. So now the motorist has been educated about bike laws, and will hopefully change his ways.
Unfortunately not everyone is as enlightened as these officers.
I got what I consider to be justice in these two cases, but it doesn't always work out that way.
Just because we might expect injustice, doesn't mean that we should accept injustice.


Anonymous said...

Whether or not a cyclist is riding where he should, it is the duty of every driver to pass slower vehicles in a safe manner and with due care. Failure to do so is in fact reckless driving.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first I want to say that I am a avid motorcyclist so I somewhat understand your plight. But also after looking at this video I have a couple comments ... first off by the looks of your lane placement your "somewhat" occupying the lane, your off to, facing the direction your going, to the far right of the lane. My guess is your trying to give motorists the room to pass which is great, but then you move more to the center of the lane leaving less room for the cars to pass, but they still will and do. To the point of the drivers driver side wheel is into the other lane. Its kind of like they really have no way to know if your going to stay off to the right and out of the way or you will move more to center. I suggest you protect yourself more and make it painfully obvious to the drivers that you are occupying the lane and stay more to center. I know it sounds harsh, your trying to make room, but also what happens if you are riding along to the right to make room and see an obstruction you wish to avoid (pothole, car/car door opening ect) and you move out to center more. The motorist that has no idea what your thinking just sees at that moment that your hanging out on the edge to the right, goes to pass and you move out more...splat =/. When im riding my motorcycle and I see another motorcyclist approching from the rear (at a distance, and yes I have mirrors so I can plan ahead for this, im guessing you dont so its best imo to stay slightly aggresive on this point) I move to center, I dont want this guy whom I dont know his skill level or if either of us will need to avoid something moving into my lane, and I make it perfectly clear. Usually I do ride on the right side myself, where there is no cross streets, and I have had a few idiot drivers basicly do the same to me (pass basicly in my lane, close to me and slightly in the other lane) but thankfully most drivers dont try this with motorcyclists (bikes I know is different unfortunately). A few weeks ago there was a bike "race" of some sort I would come up on packs of riders, I would stay several car lengths behind and ONLY pass when I could completely occupy the other lane to safely pass. I seen many other drivers up on their butts, or pass a foot or so away from them, they are lucky no one swerved or took a spill for some reason, it wouldve ended up badly. Anyways stay safe, make sure you keep your eyes open and make your intensions crystal crystal clear (tons of dumb drivers out there so its unfortunate that we have to go to those lengths). Sorry so long, just my 2 cents (or I guess 10 cents because of length). lol Anyways keep doing what your doing, hopefully you make a few more people more aware and safer for bikers to drive around.