Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shoulda Coulda Woulda

But didn't. I shoulda coulda woulda been the first guy to finish at my first alleycat (Cranksgiving) on Saturday. Instead, I misread the finish address, or actually I transposed 2 numbers, so I didn’t win like I shoulda coulda woulda. I ended up second in the B category which was still pretty cool. It was a great event for a good cause and they had some great prizes. I snagged an eighth inch frame and a timbuk2 messenger bag and an origin8 handlebar.

Then Sunday I did the 40+ 4 cx state championship race. I woulda coulda shoulda been 2nd but ended up third due to a dropped chain well into the last lap. The guy who got past me was from IL so I ended up 2nd in the state, but 3rd overall. Still not bad.

The season is over and it was a pretty good season. I had more fun racing then I can remember and I finished on a lot of podiums, even though I shoulda coulda woulda won some races, I was never on the top step. It was still a successful year and more importantly a fun year and a good year for the team. Some team news coming soon.

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