Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Invisible Man

That's what it felt like today. I almost got full on rear ended twice and got buzzed by a medical transport van and a school bus. The 2 rear end near misses were both approaching intersections with red lights. The guy in the Volvo was adamant when I caught him at the light a couple hundred feet later, that he was "nowhere near me". Take a look at the video and tell me. I wouldn't want him that close to me if I was in a car much less when I'm on a bike. It was a good ride though same weather as yesterday. Perfect, little wind lots of sun. I needed to get some miles in the legs cause they didn't feel great at WEMS at Franklin, and I gotta be ready for the Fat Tire 40 which I'm now doing. I just sent in the application yesterday. How does that work you ask. I'm replacing half a tandem. It should be a blast and a great way to do my first Cheguamegon.


Tingler said...

there are no shoulders on those roads

Anonymous said...

I about peed my pants watching that Volvo....the audacity of him is sickening!

Jeff said...

No there are not any shoulders where these incidents took place, but there were 2 lanes in each direction except where the bus tried it's pass.