Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Nothin beats a "yeah" ride in fresh powder. You know, a ride where you ask, wanna go this way? Yeah. Wanna go that way? Yeah.
So our favorite superhero, fixedgeargus came along and mid-ride we stopped at a mini-mart so he could transform himself yet again, into Dr. Fixedgeargus. Well at least that's what he looked like with those white botties fashioned from plastic baggies. It looked like he just walked out of surgery and forgot to take off his surgery booties. It was a good 2 hours and even though we both went down, (sorry no good video of the crashes, we crashed in dark spots) no broken bones.
I did experience a first, I mean besides my first crash on snow. A woman who almost pulled out in front of us caught us up at a light and apologized, twice. In almost 20 years of serious riding, that's the first time a motorist has apologized. There's hope after all. Thanks to that lady in the minivan and thanks to Dr. Fixedgeargus for coming along for the ride. If you all behave, I'll upload a crash from an earlier ride on some ice, it's amusing. Stay tuned.

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